I am a Freelance Fact Finder and Producer

I Am ASM Suza Uddin a Reporter a Freelancer

I am a Freelance Fact Finder and Producer

I am A.S.M Suza Uddin a journalist and humanitarian specialist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am focusing the issues of refugees and vulnerable minority communities. Since 2014, I worked passionately on the plight of the Rohingya, bringing the crisis to the world's attention through fearless journalism and direct humanitarian support. In 2017, I risked my life to enter Rakhine State in Myanmar during the height of the genocide against the Rohingya, during which I was shot. My experience was featured on SKYTG TV and the documentary "Rohingya Untold Story." I speaks Rohingya, Bengali and English fluently. i accomplished bachelor degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Stamford University, Bangladesh, and co-founded a school for social entrepreneurship. My experience includes work with many international media companies as a fixer and freelance producer, including the BBC, AP, Denmark TV2, SKYTG, Discovery Channel and the Italian and Polish press. I am working as a special correspondent of bdmorning.com.I spent two years as the Country Director of IMCHF. I participated in the Model United Nations in India and other important conferences internationally, and has worked as a volunteer counselor with the organization Bidyanondo. i manages and coordinates Artolution's ongoing arts-based programming in the Rohingya refugee camps and organizes PR and communications.

  • Stamford University Bangladesh

    Department of journalism and media studies

  • School of Kishaloya Adresha shikksha niketion

  • Field Producer

    BBC World Service

  • Fixer

    Associate Press

  • junior Investigator

    Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation

  • Deputy News Editor


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